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Inspired by fine Dolomite marble, Lithea is another example of how technology can be united with designs taken from nature to create highly original products. Gentle grey lines melt into a white background, with a polished matte finish that adds an exquisite beauty and whiteness to the surface. Luxury and luminosity have been combined on a simple looking surface that is highly popular among professionals from the worlds of architecture and interior design, perfect for creating living spaces that bring the senses buzzing to life

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Moderate variation

Product Details

Specification information below is general, contact your sales rep for specific technical information for individual SKUs.
Finishes:Polished, Matte
Application:wall, floor
Deep Abrasion:≤ 135 mm³
Stain Resistant:5
Frost Resistant:Resistant
Chemical Resistant:Resistant
Breaking Strength:≥ 700 N
Scratch Hardness:MOHS 5
Absorption:≤ 0.2%

Size Chart

SizesActual: 39.37x39.37100x100 39.37x98.43100x250
Super Bianco Gris Natural
Super Blanco Gris Pulido Matt