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The handcrafted tradition the Casablanca Porcelain Collection recreates is a clever mix of art and design. The watercolor tones mirror the style of handmade tiles with high shade chromatic variation for a unique final installation. The added value of traditionally crafted products lies in the fact that no two pieces are alike, which is what Casablanca embodies with its distressed, handcrafted, high color variation look available in 8 different colorways.

The Hexagon collection is porcelain, features a matte finish and is suitable for floor and wall use. The Square collection  is white body ceramic, features a glossy glaze and is suitable for indoor wall use only.




Substantial variation

Product Details

Specification information below is general, contact your sales rep for specific technical information for individual SKUs.
Material:porcelain, ceramic
Application:wall, floor
DCOF:Hexagon 0.60
Stain Resistant:5
Frost Resistant:Hexagon- Resistant, Square- Not Resistant
Scratch Hardness:Hexagon- PEI 4
Absorption:Hexagon- <0.5%, Square - > 10%

Size Chart

SizesActual: 5.5x6.313.9x16.3cm 5x513x13cm
Cloud Hex
Mist Hex
Palm Hex
River Hex
Night Hex
Sahara Hex
Smoke Hex
Wind Hex
Cloud Square
Mist Square
Palm Square
River Square
Night Square
Sahara Square
Smoke Square
Wind Square
Sahara Mix Square
River Mix Square
Palm Mix Square
Smoke Mix Square
Sahara Mix Hex
River Mix Hex
Palm Mix Hex
Smoke Mix Hex