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The strong personality of Marvel Dream, the array of colors, and the shapes of the decorations make every setting – private or public – unique and distinctive. It’s the wonder of marble-effect porcelain tiles that adorns the space, offering excellent technical performance and impressive aesthetic qualities.




Moderate variation

Product Details

Specification information below is general, contact your sales rep for specific technical information for individual SKUs.
Application:wall, floor

Size Chart

SizesActual: 23.625x23.62560x60 14.75x29.537.5x75 29.5x29.575x75 29.5x5975x150 47.25x47.25120x120 47.25x94.5120x240 47.25x109.5120x278 11.75x11.7530x30 12x1230.5x30.5 10.5x10.231.8x26.1 10x11.625.4x29.6 12x10.2530.5x26 11.3x11.529x29.2 6.75x16.2517x41.4 14.1x1335.8x32.9 16.6x10.742.3x27.2 10.5x12.126.7x30.9
Bianco Fantastico
Bianco Fantastico Mosiac
Bianco Fantastico Mosaic
Bianco Fantastico Basketweave Mosaic
Bianco Fantastico Liberty Mosaic
Bianco Fantastico Hex Mosaic
Bianco Fantastico Line Mosaic
Bianco Fantastico Fan Mosaic
Bianco Fantastico Chevron Mosaic
Diamonds Bianco Black Mosaic
Diamonds Bianco Green Mosaic
Diamonds Bianco Ultramarine Mosaic
Black Atlantis
Black Atlantis Mosaic
Black Atlantis Mosaic
Black Atlantis Hex Mosaic
Black Atlantis Liberty Mosaic
Black Atlantis Line Mosaic
Black Atlantis Fan Mosaic
Brazil Green
Brazil Green Mosaic
Brazil Green Liberty Mosaic
Brazil Green Leaf Mosaic
Brazil Green Fan Mosaic
Brazil Green Chevron Mosaic
Crystal Beauty
Crystal Beauty Mosaic
Crystal Beauty Liberty Mosaic
Crystal Beauty Leaf Mosaic
Crystal Beauty Star Mosaic
Crystal Beauty Fan Mosaic
Grigio Intenso
Grigio Intenso Mosaic
Grigio Intenso Mosaic
Grigio Intenso Basketweave Mosaic
Grigio Intenso Hex Mosaic
Grigio Intenso Liberty Mosaic
Grigio Intenso Line Mosaic
Grigio Intenso
Morning Sky
Morning Sky Mosaic
Morning Sky Mosaic
Morning Sky Basketweave Mosaic
Morning Sky Hex Mosaic
Morning Sky Liberty Mosaic
Morning Sky Fan Mosaic
Ultramarine Mosaic
Ultramarine Liberty Mosaic
Ultramarine Line Mosaic
Ultramarine Leaf Mosaic
Ultramarine Fan Mosaic
Ultramarine Chevron Mosaic