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Bring a touch of glamour and timeless charm into a room for less. With the incredible look of real marble and the resilience and hard-wearing nature of porcelain, Marvel is the perfect alternative to marble. Available in a multitude of sizes including mosaics, 3D patterns and large slabs in both polished and matte finishes. Marvel combines the amazing look of marble with sturdy, low-cost porcelain that’s denser and less porous than the real thing.

Not all colors are available in all sizes. Only colors in 48×48 and 48×95 are available in Grey Stone and Calacatta.

  • Porcelain mosaics are rated for floor and wall use: 5/8×5/8 Mosaic, 2×2 Mosaic, and Cassettone Mosaic.
  • Ceramic mosaics are rated for wall use only:5/8×5/8 Mosaic and Net Mosaic.




Slight variation

Product Details

Specification information below is general, contact your sales rep for specific technical information for individual SKUs.
Finishes:Polished, Matte
Application:wall, floor
DCOF:<0.42 (Compliant)
Deep Abrasion:≤150mm 3
Stain Resistant:5
Frost Resistant:Resistant
Chemical Resistant:GA, GLA, GHA
Breaking Strength:S ≥ 1500 N
Bond Strength:≥1.0 N/mm 2 (Class C2 - EN 12004)
Scratch Hardness:MOHS 5

Size Chart

SizesActual: 48x95120x240cm 48x48120x120cm 18x3645x90cm 24x2460x60cm 12x2429.5x59cm 2x23.5cmx3.5cm 30x3075x75cm 20x4450x110cm 12x3630.5x91.5cm 12x2230.5x56cm 2x2ona12x12sheet3.5cmx3.5cmona30x30cmsheet 5/8x5/8ona12x12sheet(lappatoonly)30x30cm 18x1845x45cm 5/8x5/8ona8x12sheet(lappatoonly)18.5x30cm 5/8x5/8ona8x8sheet(lappatoonly)18.5x18.5cm 1.5x1.3on12x12sheet3.9x3.4cmon30.5x30.5cmsheet
Grey Stone
Calacatta Extra
Moon Onyx
Champagne Onyx
Beige Mystery
Bronze Luxury
Silver Dream Wall Tile
Calacatta Extra 2x2 Mosaic
Moon Onyx 2x2 Mosaic
Champagne Onyx 2x2 Mosaic
Beige Mystery 2x2 Mosaic
Bronze Luxury 2x2 Mosaic
Grey Stone 2x2 Mosaic
Calacatta Extra 5/8 Mosaic
Moon Onyx 5/8 Mosaic
Champagne Onyx 5/8 Mosaic
Beige Mystery 5/8 Mosaic
Bronze Luxury 5/8 Mosaic
Grey Stone 5/8 Mosaic
Calacatta Extra 3D- Wall Only
Moon Onyx 3D- Wall Only
Champagne Onyx 3D- Wall Only
Beige Mystery 3D- Wall Only
Bronze Luxury 3D- Wall Only
Grey Stone 3D- Wall Only
Calacatta Extra Cassettone
Moon Onyx Cassettone
Champagne Onyx Cassettone
Beige Mystery Cassettone
Bronze Luxury Cassettone
Grey Stone Cassettone
Calacatta Extra Broccato- Wall Only
Champagne Onyx Broccato- Wall Only
Bronze Luxury Broccato - Wall Only
Elegance Angolo Warm
Elegance Fascia Warm
Elegance Angolo Cold
Elegance Fascia Cold
Bronze & Champagne Greca Angolo Mosaic
Bronze & Champagne Greca Mosaic
Grey & Moon Greca Angolo Mosaic
Grey & Moon Greca Mosaic
Beige Mystery Net- Wall Only
Silver Dream Net- Wall Only
Bronze Luxury Net- Wall Only