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Taking inspiration from natural science, Physics opens designers to a universe of porcelain in a look that captures the relationship between matter and motion. Over the millennia, tile has provided the perfect relative surface. Now Physics takes a space to enlightening levels in 12×24, 12×12 sizes, 3×3 mosaics, and complementary trim that has a powerful gravitational pull. There is no design problem that tile cannot solve and with Physics the chaos of floors and walls, both wet, dry, interior or exterior, is eclipsed by the supersymmetry of cosmic tile design.


Product Details

Specification information below is general, contact your sales rep for specific technical information for individual SKUs.
Application:wall, floor, exterior wall
Frost Resistant:Resistant
Chemical Resistant:Class A
Breaking Strength:>350 lbf
Bond Strength:>200 psi
Scratch Hardness:7

Size Chart

SizesActual: 12x24N/A 12x12N/A
Physics Boson
Physics Proton
Physics Nucleus
Physics Graviton
Physics Quark
Physics Boson Mosaic
Physics Proton Mosaic
Physics Nucleus Mosaic
Physics Graviton Mosaic
Physics Quark Mosaic