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Cuts give the illusion of smaller tiles, but are all on 20×20 size tile.

Cut 1: 10×20

Cut 2: 5×20

Cut 3: 5×20-2.5×20

Cut 4: 2.5×20


Available Trims

4x20 Battiscopa



Uniform appearance

Product Details

Specification information below is general, contact your sales rep for specific technical information for individual SKUs.
Application:wall, floor
Deep Abrasion:> 40 N/mm2
Stain Resistant:3 min.
Frost Resistant:Yes
Chemical Resistant:GB min.
Breaking Strength:> 1.700 N

Size Chart

SizesActual: 20X2050x50cm
C1 SH001
C2 SH001
C3 SH001
C4 SH001
C5 SH001
C6 SH001
C1 SH002
C2 SH002
C3 SH002
C4 SH002
C5 SH002
C6 SH002
C1 SH003
C2 SH003
C3 SH003
C4 SH003
C5 SH003
C6 SH003
C1 SH004
C2 SH004
C3 SH004
C4 SH004
C5 SH004
C6 SH004
C1 SH005
C2 SH005
C3 SH005
C4 SH005
C5 SH005
C6 SH005
C1 SH006
C2 SH006
C3 SH006
C4 SH006
C5 SH006
C6 SH006
C1 SH007
C2 SH007
C3 SH007
C4 SH007
C5 SH007
C6 SH007
C1 SH008
C2 SH008
C3 SH008
C4 SH008
C5 SH008
C6 SH008
C1 SH009
C2 SH009
C3 SH009
C4 SH009
C5 SH009
C6 SH009
C1 SH010
C2 SH010
C3 SH010
C4 SH010
C5 SH010
C6 SH010
C1 SH011
C2 SH011
C3 SH011
C4 SH011
C5 SH011
C6 SH011
C1 SH012
C2 SH012
C3 SH012
C4 SH012
C5 SH012
C6 SH012
C1 SH013
C2 SH013
C3 SH013
C4 SH013
C5 SH013
C6 SH013
C1 SH014
C2 SH014
C3 SH014
C4 SH014
C5 SH014
C6 SH014
C7 SH001
C7 SH002
C7 SH003
C7 SH004
C7 SH005
C7 SH006
C7 SH007
C7 SH008
C7 SH009
C7 SH010
C7 SH011
C7 SH012
C7 SH013
C7 SH014
SH 001
SH 002
SH 003
SH 004
SH 005
SH 006
SH 007
SH 008
SH 009
SH 010
SH 011
SH 012
SH 013
SH 014
SK 001
SK 002
SK 003
SK 004
SK 005
SK 006