07 February 2018
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Nemo Tile + Stone

Add Some Sparkle To Your Home With Glass Tile

Glass tile is an interior designer's secret weapon for creating a stylish space that is appealing to the eye. There's no better way to add some sparkle to a room than by using glass materials. Glass can add shape and interest helping to make a space appear larger through reflection and bouncing light into darker areas. Glass mosaic tiles are a great alternative to flat tiles as they combine dozens of tiny tiles in one piece allowing each tile to bounce light over the glass ridges, making the most of natural and artificial light. They are easy to cut around obstacles making them perfect for tight spaces and awkward sizes or corners. Photos above are from the Sideview Glass collection.  

Where to Use Glass Tile

Glass tiles are very versatile and can be used almost anywhere in a home. They are easy to clean and maintain however floor tiles must be chosen carefully according to space in order to avoid cracks or slippery surfaces. Wall tiles can be more sheen depending on your desired finish. There are thousands of patterns and variations in mosaic glass tiles, from square and rectangular, orderly patterns to small rectangles or larger brick shapes. Different angles and sizes of the tile will create different finishes, meaning you have the ability to create a very personalized look. Rectangular pieces can help to stretch a small space while horizontals will elongate your walls. Photos above are from the Glass Box collection.  

Works of Art

Pictorial glass tile mosaics are no longer just for swimming pools! They look fantastic on walls in any room adding impressive works of art to your home. Bisazza is one of the most authoritative luxury designer brands and a world leader in the production of glass mosaics for the decoration of interiors and exteriors. Nemo Tile is proud to represent Bisazza in New York. These luxurious tiny tiles will turn your boring walls into a work of art! Photos above are from the Bisazza Glass collection.  Nemo Tile has helped hundreds of customers to select and use mosaic glass tiles. We have many tile collections for you to choose from meaning you have almost unlimited options! For more advice and information from our experts view our contact page HERE.