13 February 2019
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Nemo Tile + Stone
Project Spotlight: Glazed Brick Country Kitchen

Project Spotlight: Glazed Brick Country Kitchen

When it came to designing the stylish kitchen of this stylish home, Philip M Rossillo, RA Principal of PRDG architecture + design, shares that they started with a traditional, white country-esque kitchen and went from there. A white baseline aesthetic works nicely with this home and in the kitchen design, Rossillo started with the backsplash first, rather than letting it be a later decision. Nemo-Tile-Cambridge-Smoke-Kitchen After considering many backsplash options, the designer pinpointed exactly what the homeowner wanted to achieve with Nemo Tile’s Cambridge grey glazed brick tile in color ‘smoke.’ This tile has a softer, more natural man-made feel. The backsplash was finished with a grey grout and stacked in an offset pattern throughout to give a real, old world feel to it, which works beautifully with a traditional country kitchen. Nemo-Tile-Cambridge-Smoke-Kitchen Nemo-Tile-Cambridge-Smoke-Kitchen “The glazed ceramic material goes from lighter to darker with the shadows and movements from the natural sunlight and the under-cabinetry lighting providing a wonderful color range. It’s really great how it all came together,” says Rossillo. Nemo-Tile-Cambridge-Smoke-Kitchen Nemo-Tile-Cambridge-Smoke-Kitchen The decorative kitchen ceiling was designed to be structural to help break up the scale. The ceiling ribs activates the eye, beautifully interacts with the trim and white kitchen cabinetry and gives a European feel to the room by adding scale, intrigue and proportion to the space.       NEMO Products Used: Backsplash: Cambridge grey glazed brick tile. Color: Smoke   Vendors: Architect & Designer: Philip M Rossillo of PRDG architecture + design