28 November 2018
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Project Spotlight: Grid Patterned Boys’ Bath

Project Spotlight: Grid Patterned Boys’ Bath

In this boys’ bathroom, Philip M Rossillo, RA Principal of PRDG architecture + design and the homeowners of this Rumson home were working to find the right tile to use—a practical material that would last was key. The look says kid’s bathroom but this is a design that will work going forward as the boys grow up.   There is a nice dialogue between the two rooms with the kids’ room paint colors of blue and green and a joint shared bathroom in between. A perfectly balanced combination of materials were chosen for this bath, keeping it light while making sure it was functional. NEMO’s Raffia Pattern porcelain tile using Raffia White in 24x24 and Denim, Grey and Night in 4x24 were used for the floor.  The homeowner loved the unique way that the pattern was laid.  For the tub surround, Raffia White in 4x24. According to Rossillo, it took some time to figure out the pattern and colors while also having to work around the cabinetry and all of the bump-in’s and bump-outs in the space.  The tile was strategically laid in a grid pattern with colors so that it has a “denim-y feel to it.” The textured finish feels great and when the finished product was showed to the boys, they loved it. Fashion and interior design merge in NEMO Tile’s Raffia, boasting the first fabric effect made on an advanced porcelain surface with three-dimensional texture. Through the digital printing and layering of different patterns and lines, Raffia is a tribute to the pixel art of the 80s, with its chromatic movement and alternating visual sequences that mimic textiles. The homeowners love it because not only does it look great, “the floor is so easy to maintain. The porcelain cleans up beautifully, a necessity in a boys’ bathroom.” And because its porcelain, it can withstand a deep clean with regular cleaning materials, a must with my two young boys!”     NEMO Products Used: Bathroom Floor: Raffia White in 24x24 and Raffia Denim, Grey and Night in 4x24. Pattern: custom grid   Tub Surround Wall: Raffia White in 4x24.   Vendors: Architect & Designer: Philip M Rossillo of PRDG architecture + design