18 July 2018
Posted in: Project Spotlight
Nemo Tile + Stone

Project Spotlight: “The Den of Beauty. Where Function Meets Funk”

lambs-wolves-salon-redbank-nemo-tile Lambs & Wolves opened its doors to Red Bank, NJ in 2008 and since then, they have become known for not only being the most bad ass salon in the tri-state area but also as a space to celebrate the art, beauty and the eccentricities that make us who we are.   With the massive success of the Lambs & Wolves salon, owner Glen Goldbaum’s vision grew to include The Den. Goldbaum turned to NEMO Tile + Stone Red Bank for The Den expansion.  With the need to mix function and funk, he landed on two porcelain tiles to help him bring his ideal design vision to life.   The Den of beauty is an eclectic salon that doubles as an art gallery and effortlessly transforms to reflect the pack’s mood and creativity.  Renovating what was formerly a doctor’s office next door, “All of my spaces are connected,” says Goldbaum. “The new space is really like a dark speakeasy. It’s attached but you have to discover it.lambs-wolves-salon-redbank-nemo-tile Services at The Den include manicures, makeup and esthetician services.  “The vibe is enchanted garden,” Goldbaum says. The Den’s floor features NEMO’s Opus tile in Tar both 32x32 and 16x32 sizes to create a pattern with Raven grout.  The oversized modern industrial tiles look like concrete and provides a delightful juxtaposition to the beautiful vessels and tubes of make-up on their glam counters.  It also doesn’t compete with the rest of the salon design. lambs-wolves-salon-redbank-nemo-tile Applicable for walls and flooring, the Opus tile is stain and chemical resistant porcelain and allows for easy cleanup and maintenance—a necessity in a salon setting.   “So many clients ask me how I distressed the wood floor in the bathroom.  I laugh and tell them I bought the tile like this!” says Goldbaum of the Via Emilia in Dark 6x48 planks with a midnight grout. The distressed wood look gives the bathroom space a lot of personality, especially when offset by fuchsia painted walls, a spinning disco ball and faux fur wall giving a sexy bordello feel. lambs-wolves-salon-redbank-nemo-tile Fitting for both floors and wall surfaces, this wood looking porcelain collection gives the illusion of beautifully weathered timber. Available in four colors, each has at least 80 different imprints with variations in shade and texture to mimic the organic lines and grooves of real wood. lambs-wolves-salon-redbank-nemo-tile “Our salon motto is ‘Don’t be boring’ and we take that statement very seriously in our design decisions.” explains Goldbaum.   lambs-wolves-salon-redbank-nemo-tile     NEMO Materials Used: Opus in Tar, 32x32 and 16x32 to create a pattern w/ Raven grout   Via Emilia Dark, 6x48 planks w/ Midnight grout