21 November 2019
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Nemo Tile + Stone
Project Spotlight: Newtown Clubhouse

Project Spotlight: Newtown Clubhouse

Situated within Newtown, Pennsylvania exists a hamlet called Newtown Grant. This “Bucks County” Community, located 30 miles North of Center City Philadelphia features a host of great amenities for its residents including a pool and clubhouse! Parallel Architectural Group designer Giselle Hymanson  recently remodeled their men’s and women’s locker rooms with the help of Nemo Tile + Stone!

Newtown Grant Nemo Tile Aegean Stone

Newtown Grant Nemo Tile Aegean Stone

Newtown Grant Nemo Tile Aegean Stone

For the walls, Giselle chose Aegean Stone in the color Light Grey. A striking emulation of authentic Aegean stone, this collection captures the dramatic natural beauty of the Greek Islands. Bold graphics are balanced with soft, rich colors in a palette that reflects current trends but echoes timeless traditions. This porcelain tile perfectly mimics the natural stone, with various screens, while maintaining the longevity and ease of porcelain.

Newtown Grant Nemo Tile Aegean Stone

Newtown Grant Nemo Tile Aegean Stone

Newtown Grant Nemo Tile Aegean Stone

For the floors, Giselle chose Mars Stone which exudes refined elegance; its minimalist design is softened by the intricate design elements in one-on-tone and subtly contrasting colors. The glaze variation and texture of Mars Stone adds more interest than a uniform tile, adding the needed slip resistance for commercial spaces and appropriate for high traffic zones like this busy clubhouse locker room. With the incredible look of real stone and the resilience of a through body tile, both are a winning pair for the hard-wearing nature of porcelain, Mars Stone & Aegean Stone were the perfect choice!

Newtown Grant Nemo Tile Mars Stone

A unique design feature in this project are the “envelope cuts” in the floor tile. Envelope cuts are specialized cuts made in larger size porcelain tile to allow water to slope to drains where intended.  This specialized cut also allows architects and designers to maintain a floor design and/or pattern without incorporating smaller size tiles such as mosaics.

Engineer & Project Management: 

DW Smith Associates

Antonio Scalise, AIA of Parallel Architectural Group


Giselle Hymanson of Parallel Architectural Group

A&D Sales Manager:

Carrie Bocci

Nemo Products Used:

Aegean Stone 12×24 , 3×36 Light Grey
Mars Stone textured 12×24, 2×2 mosaic