31 January 2018
Posted in: Project Spotlight
Nemo Tile + Stone

Project Spotlight: Three Bathrooms, One Stunning Downtown Manhattan Apartment.

We sat down with Nemo's own Gary Beltre, Manhattan Showroom Manager to discuss one of his recent projects. Gary assisted interior designer Erica Friedland Tufaro (@efdesigninc_llc) with the selection of tile for a downtown Manhattan-based project, featuring the renovation of three bathrooms: a master bathroom, a guest bathroom, and a young boy’s bathroom. The Project How did you come up with your overall design? From the beginning, Erica had a really clear design in mind. She explained what the client was looking for: bright white walls and marble for the floor. We went through her color pallet: white, grey, and natural wood tones. But the best resources for really getting a clear vision for the three spaces were the installations that we have in our New York City showroom. Erica and her client saw our display of the 48”x 48”x 1/2” Statuario Venato marble and absolutely fell in love with the Think Thin product line. The Statuario Venato was exactly what she envisioned for the guest bathroom. Going through the other marbles, we realized that the Bardiglio Imperiale with its soft, wispy vein and powdery blue grey palette would work marvelously with the walnut vanity for the master bathroom. The great part about Think Thin is that you can get modules between 24”x 24”x 1/2” and 48”x 48”x 1/2”.This allows for a beautiful slab like walls or floors that can then be paired with coordinated accent pieces, or even a custom cut pattern. Talk us through the rooms... For the master bath, we did 36”x 36”x 1/2” for the floor and 48”x 36”x 1/2” on the walls so that the grout joints would align exactly. Featured: ThinkThin Bardiglio Imperiale Honed. 36”x 36”x 1/2”, 48”x 36”x 1/2” For the guest bath, we did the same size (36”x 36”x 1/2”) on the walls of the shower so that the look would be consistent between the two bathrooms. For the floor we did a custom cut 4”x 12”x 3/8” of the Statuario Venato creating a herringbone pattern that gave the bathroom something special. We were able to have all the stone come from the same lot so that each piece has a consistent color and look. Featured: ThinkThin Statuario Venato Polished 36”x 36”x 1/2” & 4”x 12”x 3/8” herringbone. Direto Thassos Polished 12”x 24”x 3/8” For the boy’s bathroom, Erica and her client saw our display of the Lavagna Cenere on the floor and the wall choose that exact layout. The mix of texture and pattern is masculine yet playful. It’s definitely the kind of bathroom that is suitable for a child, but not so juvenile that he’ll want to change it when he gets older. Featured: Lavagna Cenere Atelier Mix. 4”x 24” Re-crystallized Glass 12”x 24”x 3/8”     What were your main goals for the space? The main goals were high-quality product, large sizes for minimal cuts and lines, and a spa like feel in every space. How did the installation process go? Did you face any challenges? No project ever goes 100% right! The clients depend on their reps to not only be a resource for project information or design ideas but also to be a support system when things don’t go the way they are supposed to.  It took longer to install than previously expected since the marble tiles needed to be laid out and trimmed. Erica and her client are exited with the end result.  I’m sure they’ll love these rooms for many years to come.