Fusion Glass

Fusion comes in a mixture of matte and glossy finishes in solid through-body colors. The small dimension and different finishes are perfect to create nice patterns and can match various approaches of design. 
Fusion Glass


  • Cotton Hex
    Cotton Hex
  • Cotton Penny
    Cotton Penny
  • Cotton Piccolo
    Cotton Piccolo
  • Cotton Tweed
    Cotton Tweed
  • Frost Hex
    Frost Hex
  • Frost Penny
    Frost Penny
  • Frost Piccolo
    Frost Piccolo
  • Frost Tweed
    Frost Tweed
  • Ice Hex
    Ice Hex
  • Ice Penny
    Ice Penny
  • Ice Piccolo
    Ice Piccolo
  • Ice Tweed
    Ice Tweed
  • Shade Hex
    Shade Hex
  • Shade Penny
    Shade Penny
  • Shade Piccolo
    Shade Piccolo
  • Shade Tweed
    Shade Tweed
  • Bisque Hex
    Bisque Hex
  • Bisque Penny
    Bisque Penny
  • Bisque Piccolo
    Bisque Piccolo
  • Bisque Tweed
    Bisque Tweed
  • Canary Hex
    Canary Hex
  • Canary Penny
    Canary Penny
  • Canary Piccolo
    Canary Piccolo
  • Canary Tweed
    Canary Tweed
  • Sage Hex
    Sage Hex
  • Sage Penny
    Sage Penny
  • Sage Piccolo
    Sage Piccolo
  • Sage Tweed
    Sage Tweed
  • Marine Hex
    Marine Hex
  • Marine Penny
    Marine Penny
  • Marine Piccolo
    Marine Piccolo
  • Marine Tweed
    Marine Tweed
  • Cloud Hex
    Cloud Hex
  • Cloud Penny
    Cloud Penny
  • Cloud Piccolo
    Cloud Piccolo
  • Cloud Tweed
    Cloud Tweed
  • Pebble Hex
    Pebble Hex
  • Pebble Penny
    Pebble Penny
  • Pebble Piccolo
    Pebble Piccolo
  • Pebble Tweed
    Pebble Tweed
  • Night Hex
    Night Hex
  • Night Penny
    Night Penny
  • Night Piccolo
    Night Piccolo
  • Night Tweed
    Night Tweed
  • Lipstick Hex
    Lipstick Hex
  • Lipstick Penny
    Lipstick Penny
  • Lipstick Piccolo
    Lipstick Piccolo
  • Lipstick Tweed
    Lipstick Tweed
  • Merlot Hex
    Merlot Hex
  • Merlot Penny
    Merlot Penny
  • Merlot Piccolo
    Merlot Piccolo
  • Merlot Tweed
    Merlot Tweed
  • Shadow Hex
    Shadow Hex
  • Shadow Penny
    Shadow Penny
  • Shadow Piccolo
    Shadow Piccolo
  • Shadow Tweed
    Shadow Tweed


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  • Glossy
  • Matte
  • Wall


  • 12 x 12 Tweed Mosaic
  • 12 x 12 Hexagon Mosaic
  • 12 x 12 Pennyround Mosaic
  • 12 x 12 Piccolo Mosaic



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