Vogue Shade

The Volcano range is reminiscent of natural stone, with soft and elegant shades on the surface. Coming in both a natural, matte finish and semi-polished, Volcano has a timeless yet modern appeal that goes well with any interior or exterior space. Volcano is available in multiple different colors and sizes, with a look that is both simple and clean making this the perfect companion piece to other elemental materials in your space like wood, metal and glass.
Vogue Shade


  • SH01
  • SH02
  • SH03
  • SH04
  • SH05
  • SH06
  • SH07
  • SH08
  • SH09
  • SH10
  • SH11
  • SH12
  • SH13
  • SH14
  • SH01 C1
    SH01 C1
  • SH02 C1
    SH02 C1
  • SH03 C1
    SH03 C1
  • SH04 C1
    SH04 C1
  • SH05 C1
    SH05 C1
  • SH06 C1
    SH06 C1
  • SH07 C1
    SH07 C1
  • SH08 C1
    SH08 C1
  • SH09 C1
    SH09 C1
  • SH10 C1
    SH10 C1
  • SH11 C1
    SH11 C1
  • SH12 C1
    SH12 C1
  • SH13 C1
    SH13 C1
  • SH14 C1
    SH14 C1
  • SH01 C2
    SH01 C2
  • SH02 C2
    SH02 C2
  • SH03 C2
    SH03 C2
  • SH04 C2
    SH04 C2
  • SH05 C2
    SH05 C2
  • SH06 C2
    SH06 C2
  • SH07 C2
    SH07 C2
  • SH08 C2
    SH08 C2
  • SH09 C2
    SH09 C2
  • SH10 C2
    SH10 C2
  • SH11 C2
    SH11 C2
  • SH12 C2
    SH12 C2
  • SH13 C2
    SH13 C2
  • SH14 C2
    SH14 C2
  • SH01 C3
    SH01 C3
  • SH02 C3
    SH02 C3
  • SH03 C3
    SH03 C3
  • SH04 C3
    SH04 C3
  • SH05 C3
    SH05 C3
  • SH06 C3
    SH06 C3
  • SH07 C3
    SH07 C3
  • SH08 C3
    SH08 C3
  • SH09 C3
    SH09 C3
  • SH10 C3
    SH10 C3
  • SH11 C3
    SH11 C3
  • SH12 C3
    SH12 C3
  • SH13 C3
    SH13 C3
  • SH14 C3
    SH14 C3
  • SH01 C4
    SH01 C4
  • SH02 C4
    SH02 C4
  • SH03 C4
    SH03 C4
  • SH04 C4
    SH04 C4
  • SH05 C4
    SH05 C4
  • SH06 C4
    SH06 C4
  • SH07 C4
    SH07 C4
  • SH08 C4
    SH08 C4
  • SH09 C4
    SH09 C4
  • SH10 C4
    SH10 C4
  • SH11 C4
    SH11 C4
  • SH12 C4
    SH12 C4
  • SH13 C4
    SH13 C4
  • SH14 C4
    SH14 C4
  • Sh01 C5
    Sh01 C5
  • SH02 C5
    SH02 C5
  • SH03 C5
    SH03 C5
  • SH04 C5
    SH04 C5
  • SH05 C5
    SH05 C5
  • SH06 C5
    SH06 C5
  • SH07 C5
    SH07 C5
  • SH08 C5
    SH08 C5
  • SH09 C5
    SH09 C5
  • SH10 C5
    SH10 C5
  • SH11 C5
    SH11 C5
  • SH12 C5
    SH12 C5
  • SH13 C5
    SH13 C5
  • SH14 C5
    SH14 C5
  • SH01 C6
    SH01 C6
  • SH02 C6
    SH02 C6
  • SH03 C6
    SH03 C6
  • SH04 C6
    SH04 C6
  • SH05 C6
    SH05 C6
  • SH06 C6
    SH06 C6
  • SH07 C6
    SH07 C6
  • SH08 C6
    SH08 C6
  • SH09 C6
    SH09 C6
  • SH10 C6
    SH10 C6
  • SH11 C6
    SH11 C6
  • SH12 C6
    SH12 C6
  • SH13 C6
    SH13 C6
  • SH14 C6
    SH14 C6
  • SH01 C7
    SH01 C7
  • SH02 C7
    SH02 C7
  • SH03 C7
    SH03 C7
  • SH04 C7
    SH04 C7
  • SH05 C7
    SH05 C7
  • SH06 C7
    SH06 C7
  • SH08 C7
    SH08 C7
  • SH09 C7
    SH09 C7
  • SH10 C7
    SH10 C7
  • SH11 C7
    SH11 C7
  • SH12 C7
    SH12 C7
  • SH13 C7
    SH13 C7
  • SH14 C7
    SH14 C7


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  • Matte
  • Wall


  • 20 x 20



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